Where To Buy Pizza Stones

“Buy a Pizza Baking Stone Set Today”

The secret to a great pizza is a crisp crust, and the secret to that crisp crust is a baking stone. A stone will give your pizza the same kind of crust that comes out of an authentic Italian pizzeria where either a wood burning stove or a brick oven is used.

The kind of crust that has a slight crunch and does not get soggy. Even if you don’t have a wood burning stove or brick oven at home, you can still find out where to buy a pizza stone.

Buy a Pizza Stone From Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to find pizza stones. This online retail giant sells stones that will let you make a pizza large enough to feed your entire family, but you’ll also find smaller stones that you can use when making a personal or individual pizza.

Prices start at around $20 to $25 for a basic 15-inch stone and go up from there. Make sure that you purchase a real baking stone instead of a metal pizza pan as the website lists all pizza pans together.

Buy a Pizza Stone From Online Auctions

When looking at where to buy a pizza stone online, consider using eBay or another auction site. Many eBay sellers have Buy It Now auctions, which let you purchase stones without bidding against others or waiting for the end of an auction. Ceramic stones start at around $12 but can rise to $60 or more.

Buy a Pizza Stone From Bed Bath & Beyond

If you have a Bed Bath & Beyond shop near you, you’re only a short drive from getting a new stone. This retailer, which specializes in products for the home, offers a number of items for home chefs and pizza enthusiasts.

You can find simple round stones priced at around $30 and larger rectangular stones for around $50. Keep in mind that when you shop from a local store, you can take back the stone if you have any problems. Many online retailers make it extremely difficult to ship back returns.


Target stores are one of the best places to buy pizza stones. Basic stones cost around $15, and you’ll find better models for less than $50.

Some of these better models come with metal trays that let you slip the stone inside to serve the pizza right on the stone. This keeps the pizza hot and keeps the stone away from your hands. You’ll also find flameproof designs that ensure your pizza will stay at the right temperature during cooking.

Online vs. Offline

When you want to know where to buy a pizza stone, you should know that those stones are available online and offline.

Shopping online can help you save a little money, but most shoppers find that the hassles outweigh the savings. They have to pay high shipping costs when they buy a new baking stone, and they often pay high shipping costs if they need to return that stone.

You can find good prices on stones when you shop offline at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, kitchen supply stores and other shops.