The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

In business since 1980, the Pampered Chef sells a wide variety of cookware, bakeware and kitchen implements through their home cooking shows and catalog sales. They offer an entire line of stoneware for baking, including muffin and loaf pans, casseroles, and bar pans. One of their most popular stoneware items is the pizza stone, which comes in two different sizes: a large round stone, which is 15 inches in diameter and sells for $32, and a medium round stone, which is 13 inches in diameter and sells for $24. Both are of the thinner style of baking stone.

What Makes Pampered Chef Unique

There are several things about the Pampered Chef pizza stones which make them stand out from other brands. They have handles which are formed as part of the stone itself, rather than being attached as separate pieces. This feature ensures that the handles will not rust, break or detach from the stone. Another unique aspect of these pizza stones is the fact that they are not porous like other baking stones, so they do not absorb the flavors of food the way traditional ceramic stoneware will. This also means they can be seasoned with a small amount of oil if food sticks to them initially. With regular use, they will eventually develop a natural non-stick coating like other baking stones. Like the other Pampered Chef stoneware, the pizza stones can be used in the microwave. They can also be used to store food in the refrigerator and the freezer.

Pampered Chef pizza stones are quite versatile, and the company offers a number of recipes especially for use with their stones. Some of the foods that can be prepared and served on them include crostini caprese, stuffed spinach rolls with sausage, fajitas, a club sandwich ring and brie with pecans. They are also excellent for pizza, of course, both of the frozen and homemade variety.

Care and Use Instructions

Despite having a non-porous surface, Pampered Chef baking stones still need to be washed with plain water only, and they come with a special nylon scraping tool for cleaning. They should not be used on the grill or placed under the broiler. Like other baking stones, they are not dishwasher safe.

At least two thirds of the surface of a Pampered Chef pizza stone should be covered when used in the oven, and the food should be distributed as evenly as possible. Unlike other stones, the Pampered Chef pizza stone should not be preheated first. If the stone has been refrigerated, both food and stone can go directly into the oven, but frozen food should never be placed on a warm stone. Following these steps will minimize the risk of the stone cracking due to thermal shock. As mentioned above, cookies, refrigerated biscuits and other oil-containing foods are safe to prepare on this baking stone.

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