The Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven manufactures baking stones in a variety of sizes and in round and rectangular shapes. The Old Stone Oven pizza stone is made in the United States of high quality ceramic materials. The stones, depending on size, are about 3/8 inches thick and feature a flat smooth surface which makes placing or removing the pizza or bread on the stone a simple task. In general, the stones made by this manufacturer tend to be thicker. This means that it is very unlikely that they will crack and get damaged easily. They may also take a little bit more time to preheat compared to stones made by competitor brands, but overall thicker is usually better.

Using any pizza stone is not a difficult task and the Old Stone Oven stone is no exception. Place the stone in the oven while it preheats for about a half hour. Afterwards, slide the pizza or bread onto the stone. The best tool for this is a pizza peel which resembles a spatula but is large enough to handle a full sized pizza. Bake the pizza following the recipe and remove it using the pizza peel.

Professional Concept

The Old Stone Oven Company was one of the first to introduce baking stones for the home kitchen. The concept had long been used by professional bakers for breads and by commercial pizzerias but wasn’t available for the home pizza maker. Along with making quality pizzas and breads, the stones can be used to keep foods hot at the table or buffet. After the stone has done its work in the oven, it can be used as a serving tray. The residual heat of the stone will keep the foods hot longer.

Simple Care

Stones from the Old Stone Oven Company require minimal care and should provide years of gourmet pizza cooking experience. Like most other stones, these are porous and baking oily or greasy foods is not recommended. The hot grease can penetrate the stone and become rancid creating an odor problem. Hand wash the stones when necessary but only after it cools from its baking temperatures.

Practical and Economical

Using a stone for baking your next pizza or bread creation adds flavor and texture to the meal. Adding a baking stone to the kitchen equipment inventory moves the home a step closer to the pizzeria when it comes to taste. The stones produced by this manufacturer are known to be one of the more practical and economical choices.