The Incomparable Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

For people who love to make delicious pizza, the Pampered Chef pizza stone is a must-have baking tool. Though this pizza stone is a little more expensive than other stones, its unique qualities make it well-worth the extra money. Consider some of the features that make this pizza stone by Pampered Chef so popular with amateur and professional cooks alike.

Produces a Light, Crispy Crust

The design of this baking stone enables it to pull the moisture out of dough to create a light, crispy pizza crust. The crust bakes evenly building the perfect foundation for a delectable pizza!

No Lingering Flavors or Odors

Some baking stones absorb the flavors and odors of every food item they touch. Alternatively, the non-porous design of the Pampered Chef pizza stone ensures that it will not retain any lingering flavors or odors from previous uses. This is a very desirable feature for cooks who believe each pizza should have its own distinctive taste.

No Need to Preheat

A typical baking stone must be preheated before it ever touches any pizza dough. This is not the case with the Pampered Chef pizza stone. Cooks can whip up a tasty pizza without heating the stone beforehand. This is ideal for someone who wants to be able to bake a pizza for a quick dinner or get together with friends.

A Seasoned Surface

The seasoning builds up on the surface of this baking stone each time it is used. As time goes by, the surface becomes darker causing pizza dough and other items to cook more thoroughly. This seasoning is non-stick making it easy to remove any item from the stone once it’s done.

Available with Handles for Ease of Use

Cooks who want to add a little more convenience to the pizza making process can get a Pampered Chef pizza stone with handles. This makes it even easier to slide the stone in and out of the oven. Plus, while its interior is unglazed, it has a white glazed exterior which makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen or dining room table.

A Versatile Baking Stone

Some cooks like the quick action of a microwave oven while others feel more comfortable using a conventional oven. This pizza stone by Pampered Chef can be used in either of these ovens. It can even be put into the freezer.

Finally, cooks will find a variety of sizes and designs in the Pampered Chef pizza stone collection. They are able to choose the option that is the best fit for their kitchen.