The Fibrament Baking Stone

People have loved cooking with baking stones for years. Traditional baking stones, however, aren’t always easy to use and the results are sometimes less than desirable. Fibrament baking stones are different and offer many advantages for bakers. Whether you’re making pizza or delicious bagels and homemade breads, this baking stone will produce fantastic results each time.

How Fibrament Baking Stones are Different

Most baking stones are made from granite, clay, or ceramic. Some are even made from soapstone. The problem with these stones is that they crack easily or don’t bake foods evenly. Many bakers will testify to the fact that these stones, if used on a regular basis, will often break in a relatively short amount of time. The materials in the Fibrament stone are produced in a kiln. These baking stones have the right combination of heat resistance and conductive materials to offer superior results when baking pizza and a variety of breads. The Fibrament stone can be kept in the oven. They are designed to work in electric, convection, and gas ovens. The stones are fantastic at retaining heat. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit every oven perfectly.

Making the Perfect Pizza

Inferior pizza stones will leave the pizza with either burnt toppings or soggy crusts. Superior pizza stones will bake the entire pizza evenly. The bottom of the pizza should be crispy with a few light brown patches and is a sign that the stone retains heat well. Pizza can be made on either a round or rectangular Fibrament stone. These stones can also be used to make pizza on an outdoor grill. The stones that are made for the grill come with a metal tray to place between the stone and the grill. The Fibrament stone doesn’t need cleaning, which makes overall cleanup after making pizza a breeze.

Making More Than Pizza

Fibrament baking stones aren’t just good for making pizza but for a variety of other great tasting food. Breads, pitas, and bagels can also be made on Fibrament Stones. Anything doughy that needs to be cooked golden brown, with a slightly crispy coating will be baked thoroughly and evenly on these baking stones. Getting creative is easy when using a Fibrament stone. Use it for big, doughy pretzels, stuffed garlic bread, or any type of artisan style breads.

The Fibrament stone is versatile, easy to care for, and makes a wide variety of delicious food. It’s easy to see why this product is quickly becoming the baking stone of choice.