The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

The Big Green Egg pizza stone is designed to be used in the Big Green Egg outdoor cooker. This outdoor cooker is a dome shaped grill, oven and smoker.

How the Big Green Egg Got Its Start

The design of The Big Green Egg is based on the “Kamado,” an ancient clay cooking device. After having discovered a domed clay cooker overseas that was based on the ancient cooking device, an American serviceman, Ed Fisher, began importing these cookers.


All too soon, the imported cookers broke due to their fragile make-up. Fisher then set out to develop a ceramic cooking system of the highest quality. The Big Green Egg is now the world’s largest manufacturer of this high quality ceramic cooking system.

Thick and Durable

When using the Big Green Egg to bake pizza, you need a surface for the pizza or bread to sit on. For this, you will need a baking stone. However, all too often, the stones sold in stores are too thin and will soon break due to the high temperatures needed to bake pizza. In addition, they aren’t very good at retaining heat. You need one that has enough mass to retain the 600 degree temperature needed for baking pizza. The Big Green Egg pizza stone is massive enough to hold up to the high temperatures without cracking and will retain the heat well.

Tips on Using this Baking Stone

You will need to raise the level of the stone high enough to be level with the opening of your Big Green Egg cooker. This is because you will need to slide a pizza peel under the pie to place the pie on the stone and remove it when it’s done. If you purchase a plate setter for your Green Egg, this would be the easiest solution. Another solution might be to put fire bricks on the grid and the stone on the fire bricks.

You should not season or oil the stone. To keep the pizza from sticking to the stone, sprinkle some corn meal on the peel before placing the pizza dough on it.

To clean the stone, use only a damp rag and again do not use soap on the stone.

Put the stone in the Big Green Egg cooker when the cooker is cool, and heat the cooker and stone slowly. It should take at least 30 to 45 minutes to heat.

Where to Get Them

Big Green Egg products including their pizza stones are available online at the Amazon and eBay sites. While The Big Green Egg official website does not have their products for sale there, it does provide a locator for stores who do so you can find out where you can buy their baking stones, cookers, and accessories in your area. The link to it is