The Bialetti Pizza Stone

If you love crispy, hot pizzas, and your creations are just not quite the Italian masterpiece they could be, it may be time to shop for kitchen tools with better construction. Baking stones have been used by home enthusiasts for ages, and they have developed into must-have kitchen tools. If you want an authentic pizza, use the Bialetti pizza stone, and your kitchen may start to develop a fragrance like old Italy.

Variety Is Essential in Baking Stones

Stocking your kitchen with different sized stones prepares you for any pizza party. Calzones are served faster on a larger size. Smaller sizes have your personal pizza ready in a jiffy.

Accessories For Your Bialetti Pizza Stone

The pizza peel is the perfect tool for manipulating your creation into the pre-heated oven and onto the hot stone. This paddle-shaped, wood spatula is an accessory that comes with the Bialetti pizza stone. You’ll also need the cutter and a serving rack. With these accessories you’ll be ready to bake like a professional.

More About the Company

Bialetti is an Italian company that specializes in the sales of advanced designs in kitchen tools and bakeware. Their pizza stones are composed of ceramic. This material heats evenly and retains warmth for hours; thereby, making it ideal for any party. It ensures a crust that is crispy, and yet, it holds moisture giving your pizza that perfect balance.

Pizza Stones That Are Affordable

Because the stones from Bialetti are low cost and long-lasting, many home economists keep a few different sizes stocked in their cupboard. Cleanup is easy with a prompt warm water rinse. Please remember that ceramic stoneware is not for the range-top, dishwasher or the microwave. Responsible care preserves these stones for future generations of specialized bakers.

Now that you know about the ceramic pizza stone, it’s time for you to stock your kitchen’s shelves with variety in sizes. Larger sized stones will soon have you producing biscuits, corn tortillas or cracker bread.

Get creative and turn half of your pizza crust into toasty bread sticks. Brush the finished sticks with melted butter and sprinkle on the garlic salt and parmesan cheese.

Serve your appreciative family homemade dinner rolls from your ceramic baking stone. Attractively designed to go right on your dinner table, your Bialetti pizza stone enables you to become the accomplished chef and entertainer. Purchase your set today and start baking. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without pizza.