Save Money With a Homemade Pizza Stone

What makes pizza stones awesome is that they allow home chefs to produce a brick oven style pizza in the comfort of their own homes. Unfortunately, baking stones for sale have a price tag that sometimes reach hundreds of dollars. What is worse is that they may only last for a few months before chipping or cracking.

Fortunately, there is a less expensive alternative in the form of a homemade pizza stone. That’s right, people can make their own baking stone and make the same pizza that they eat at their favorite restaurants on it. Aside from that, it only costs a fraction of what they have to pay when going to their local pizza parlor.

The Right Stone

Although there are lots of stones that people can use when making their very own homemade pizza cooking platform, there is one material that can deliver the results that a person wants. This material is an unglazed terra cotta tile that anyone can easily find in their local hardware store.

Terra cotta is a porous natural clay. This enables the homemade pizza stone to absorb moisture from the dough to create a crisp crust. This tile comes in different sizes that include 11 by 11 and 6 by 6 inches. They also have a thickness that can range from half to one inch.

People should also make sure to choose a stone that is big enough to accommodate their baking needs. Aside from that, they should not forget to select a stone that is heavy enough to be durable but light enough to move and lift.

A Wide Range of Benefits

Using a homemade baking stone provides people with a wide range of benefits. One of the advantages of using a homemade pizza stone is that it gives the pizza an impressive presentation. Aside from that, it provides individuals with the capability to bake healthier and thinner pizzas. At the same time, people are given control over the amount of artificial additives, fat and salt that they place in their pizzas.

Another benefit of using pizza stones that are homemade is that they give pizza an authentic taste. This is because homemade baking stones have properties that are also found on a wood-fired oven where delicious Italian pizzas are made.

A pizza stone can also be used for baking bread or to heat frozen foods such as chicken nuggets, fish sticks and French fries. At the same time, these items turn out to be crispier and cook much faster than when they are placed on a cookie sheet or just baked in a loaf pan.

Nominal Disadvantages

Although stones that are homemade have many advantages, they also have a few drawbacks. One of these disadvantages is that they tend to increase the amount of heat in the kitchen. This is because the oven needs to be on for a longer period of time.

People should also preheat them for at least 30 minutes. This means extra waiting time and additional energy usage for their oven. At the same time, if they do not choose their stone properly, their homemade stone for baking pizzas can crack and break quite easily. What is worse is that homemade stones can be hard to clean.

A Great Idea

Even with these disadvantages, using a homemade stone for baking pizza is a great idea. This is because it gives people the chance to make a pizza that is as good for them as it is delicious. Aside from that, it helps them save money while savoring the crispy taste that they usually experience when eating out.