Pizza Stone For The Grill

Forget frozen or delivery pizza. It’s time to invest in a pizza stone for the grill or oven in order to make delicious homemade pizzas tailored to your tastes right at home. Whether it’s a family fun activity, a romantic date night, or a personal pizza for one, these stones for your oven or grill are a worthy and delicious investment.

Pizza stones for the grill/oven often come in a few different shapes and sizes. They are often ceramic and are square, rectangular or circular. Many even have convenient handles on the sides to assist in removal from the grill or oven. They can be found online and in stores like Macy’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma, as well as on Amazon. Most types can be used for both the grill or in the oven.

Emile Henry

The Emile Henry Red Flame-Top Pizza Stone is made for gas, charcoal, or natural wood grills, as well as gas or conventional ovens. It is not to be used on the stove top. This particular pizza stone is clay with a flame-top glaze that makes it easier to remove while it is still hot and can then be immediately washed. Washing can either be done by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg, which is a specialty grill, has its own line of pizza stones for use specifically on their grill. Not only do they sell three baking stones with different circumferences to vary the size of your pizza, but they also sell a deep dish pizza stone for a special deep dish treat. They also have a half moon stone, perhaps to limit temptation and make only half of a delicious pizza, or to whip up calzones on the grill. Both their deep dish stone and pizza stones can be put on the grill to create other delicious recipes like lasagna, quiche, pies, desserts, and more. Different brands of pizza stones should generally not be used on the Big Green Egg cooker because they may not be able to withstand the heat of this specialized grill.

Tips For Using a Stone On The Grill

When using the pizza stone on the grill, pizzas will often retain a smokier flavor. Below is a link to a video posted on the Weber Grill Griller’s Blog that discusses the best techniques for pizza stone use on the grill.

Generally speaking, most stones can be used in both the oven and on the grill. However, caution should be used at times when taking a thinner baking stone outside, for it may not be able to withstand the heat, leading it to crack or shatter (as described with the Big Green Egg). If you plan on using your pizza stone both inside and out, it may be better to purchase a thicker stone, or purchase two for the different uses.

Bake and Grill Happy!