Pizza Baking Stone Accessories

Pizza baking stones are the best way to get restaurant quality pizza in your own home. If you crave professional, brick oven style results without the cost then a baking stone is the perfect solution. Nobody wants to pay an extra dollar for onions on your pizza when you can get an entire onion for less than that at the grocery store. Have complete control over your pie without getting overcharged for a subpar product. Baking stones aren’t just for pizza either. They are also perfect for delicious crusty homemade breads and more. Best of all, these stones are simple to use and maintain. If you want to get the most out of your stone, there are a wide variety of accessories and bundles available that will help you achieve the quality you desire.

Pizza Peel or Paddle

A pizza peel or paddle is a must have pizza making accessory. When using a pizza baking stone it is recommended to heat the stone in the oven prior to use. Pizzas are cooked at a very high heat making it difficult and even dangerous to handle the stone after it has been heated in the oven. The best solution for getting your raw pizza into a 500+ degree oven is to use a pizza peel that has been dusted with cornmeal or semolina. With one quick motion your pizza will slide perfectly onto your stone. A peel is specifically designed for the task at hand which not only makes crafting the perfect pie easier, but also much safer. Why risk burning yourself or ruining your pizza trying to use an inferior product that isn’t suited for the job?

Pizza Stone Brush

Much like a cast iron skillet, baking stones only get better the longer you use them. While they are easy to clean, you may need a little extra help removing baked on cheese and sauce. A pizza stone brush is just the solution you need. There are a variety of different brushes on the market with different bristle materials and handles to make cleaning your stone a breeze. Instead of endless scrubbing, the right brush will help you easily remove difficult messes. Some of them even come equipped with a scraper to help removed stubborn burnt on food.

Pizza Cutters

After taking that piping hot pie out of the oven, it’s time to slice and serve. Pizza cutters are another accessory that is a necessity to any pizza fan. A knife will get the job done, but using the proper tool is so much easier and with styles to match anyone’s tastes, they are more stylish too!

High-Temp Oven Mitts

When dealing with such high temperatures, safety is of the utmost importance. Regular oven mitts aren’t suited for such extreme high temps. Luckily, there are oven mitts that are designed for these purposes. You can buy them in a variety of materials, such as leather, terry cloth and silicone. They are also available in different lengths so you’re not burning your elbow reaching into a deep oven.

When buying a pizza baking stone, also consider picking up some of these key accessories to go along with it. There are a lot of great bundles that include everything you need to get started making top-notch pizzas, with perfect golden-brown crusts, at home. These accessories are essential to creating a safe, simple and rewarding pizza making experience.