How To Use A Baking Stone

“Discover How To Use a Baking Stone”

Learning how to use a pizza stone is simple, but a few things must be kept in mind. They should not be exposed to sudden, extreme changes in temperature, and they should never be cleaned with any sort of dish soap or detergent.

Cooking On a Baking Stone

how to use a baking stone

How To Use A Baking Stone

There are two different methods that can be employed when cooking with a baking stone: preheating it, and putting it directly into the oven without preheating.

The manufacturer’s instructions should be checked first, but if they do not specify a method, either one is fine.

It should be noted that many people feel that a preheated stone is the best way to ensure perfectly baked crusts.

If a pizza is being made from scratch and the dough needs to be stretched, it can be done on another surface. The assembled pizza is then transferred to the preheated stone.

Preheating the baking stone simply means putting it into the oven before turning it on and allowing both stone and oven to heat up at the same time. This method is favored by cooks who like to leave their stone in the oven at all times, and is also thought to be the best way to bake breads.

If the baking stone is not preheated first, food is put onto the stone and then the whole thing is placed in the oven, much as a conventional baking pan would be used. The difference is that there is no need to grease or oil the stone in any way.

Some people feel that putting an unheated stone into a hot oven will cause it to crack, but others claim to have no problem with breakage when using this method. Again, it is important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Occasionally food will stick to brand new baking stones; unless the manufacturer advises the use of oil, it is better to throw a small amount of cornmeal onto the stone before adding pizza dough or other food.

Another solution is to dust the surface the pizza is being assembled on with either cornmeal or flour. Eventually the stone will become seasoned and develop a nice, non-stick surface just from regular use.

Caring For the Stone

If the baking stone needs to be cleaned, it must be allowed to cool down to room temperature first. It should be rinsed with water, and anything that remains stuck should be gently scraped off. The stone can then be left to air dry.

A baking stone should never be cleaned with detergent of any kind because the material that the stone is made of will absorb it. Anything subsequently cooked on the stone will taste of soap.

It is not necessary to clean the baking stone after every use unless there is food that needs to be scraped off. Following these steps should ensure that the baking stone lasts for many years.