Emile Henry Pizza Stones Do It All

Baking stones are an excellent addition to any kitchen. While this particular accessory may be categorized as a pizza stone, it is so much more versatile than just pizza. As an added bonus, Emile Henry pizza stones come in different colors which is a unique feature that is not available from most other manufacturers.


Considering Emile Henry pizza stones have the name pizza in their title, it would be a shame to not mention what superb pizzas can be made with it. The clay that is used in these stones is porous, so it creates a nice crust on the bottom of the pizza. It also can be baked at a very high temperature to simulate a brick oven, which helps create the perfect pizza on both the top and the bottom.


Another use for the stone is to bake bread. It would be perfect for baking french bread, a baguette or even focaccia bread. The material used in the stone creates a nice hot surface for the bread to achieve the perfect crunchy outside while keeping the inside soft and fluffy. The baking stone is made with a nonstick surface so the bread will never be stuck to the bottom of the pan. Nothing is worse than putting hours of work into a delicious loaf of bread and having to scrape the bottom crust off the pan. It’s a pain to clean and it ruins the bread. However, using Emile Henry’s stones will ensure you have beautiful bread every time.


You can also use this awesome stone on the grill! One common problem with grilling your favorite meats or vegetables on the grill is that the food sticks or the grease falls directly into the flame and catches fire. You can simply put the stone directly on the grill grates and cook the way you normally would. It will keep the meat from getting stuck or from starting a fire. The meat will be evenly cooked on all sides, have that great grill taste and won’t be overly charred. The pizza stone helps cook everything evenly and the air to circulate properly no matter which cooking method you choose.


Another popular use for Emile Henry stones is to bake cookies. As with other foods, they won’t get stuck to the stone. With regular cookie sheets you can run into the issue of having overly brown bottoms but gooey, uncooked tops. The stone helps everything to cook at the same rate and temperature so they will be cooked perfectly every time.

Easy Clean Up

This stone is set apart from just about every other stone on the market because instead of having to hand wash the stone, it can be put in the dishwasher! This is life-changing! Some other stones are very sensitive to dish soap and will absorb the cleaning agents in the soap. It can make it a pain to clean because you may have to manually wash it by hand with only water or be very gentle with the surface because it easily chips. This material won’t chip and can be washed by hand or stuck in the dishwasher for even quicker clean up.

The Emile Henry pizza stone is really set apart in so many categories from other baking stones. It is well worth the investment and will quickly become your favorite kitchen accessory. With its versatility and added cleaning convenience, it will be the tool you can’t live without.