Easy Care California Pizza Stones

If you’re tired of washing all the metal bread and pizza pans. it may be time to invest in California Pizza Stones. You won’t be scraping, pre-washing and loading the dishwasher after a pizza party if you use a baking stone.

Raising the Heat

California Pizza Stones are produced from natural and sustainable materials that are similar to the linings used in kilns and ovens; ultimately, this feature makes your kitchen green. Stones can safely heat up to a 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature, and this is the necessary requirement for a perfect pizza or bread loaf.

Skipping the Conditioning

Cast iron cookware requires conditioning and curing to preserve the beauty; however, California Pizza Stones are ready to use. Sprinkle some cornmeal on the stone before adding the pizza, bread loaf, flatbread, biscuit or tortilla, and they’re ready to bake. They’re food safe with no lead content or cadmium.

Investigating in Different Shapes and Sizes

Stock a few different sizes to fit any baking occasion. The most popular size is a 15 inch large round baking stone. The next variety that sells off the shelves is the medium size.

They are also available in rectangular and square shapes; ultimately, this makes it easier to accommodate a large family baking adventure or a single pizza lover.

Enjoying the Simplicity of Using and Caring for Baking Stones

Aluminum or stainless steel pans can have thin spots that heat quickly and cause the dough to burn; moreover, it can be under-cooked in other areas. Metal pans take time to soak and wash.

This is all avoided with a pizza stone. Because it is a natural porous material, it allows moisture and steam to escape while the dough is baking. Cooking is even and thorough, and there are no soggy places.

After a cool-down period, the porous natural stone is rinsed with water and allowed to air-dry. What can be as simple and fast as that?

Investing in a Durable Natural Product

Ancient bakers discovered the uniqueness of evenly heating-baking stones. Campers and trekkers know the value of surrounding the campfire with stones that keep producing heat after the fire goes out.

The designers of these particular stones have found manufacturing methods that offer this beauty and cost-saving product in every kitchen. They are not only for the oven; however, they can be used under a broiler and on a gas, charcoal or wood grill. Transporting from the freezer to the oven is no problem with this reliable baking tool.

Now that you know more about California Pizza Stones, it is time to collect a few varieties for your ease in the kitchen. Present-day consumers are busy. They want to eliminate hours of baking and cleanup in the home; consequently, the baking stone is the answer. You deserve more free time and delicious pizza too.