Baking Stones from Pizzacraft

Pizza connoisseurs love the idea of a pizza cooked to perfection, featuring a crisp outside crust, chewy center, perfectly melted cheese and delicious toppings. One of the best ways to get this pizza perfection is by using a baking stone to bake the pizza. Pizza stones are available from Pizzacraft in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they’re made from materials that will enhance any pizza, whether it’s frozen or homemade.

Materials and Special Features of Pizza Stones

Pizzacraft offers a variety of baking stones in assorted shapes with different features. You’ll find stones in round or square shapes, and some with a glaze coating or made from a material called Cordierite. Some feature steel handles and frames to make them easier to handle when putting them in and removing them from a hot oven, and still others come with a built-in thermometer. Pizza stones can range in size from an 8 inch personal pizza size to a 20 inch deluxe pizza size.

Pizzerias Know The Value of Pizza Stones

Professional chefs have been using stones to bake and cook for years because of the excellent cooking properties like even heat distribution and uniform browning they experience when natural stone is used. Today anyone can enjoy the same benefits of cooking with a high quality baking stone. Stones can withstand the hot temperatures needed for perfection in baking, even up to and beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizzeria chefs have also found that sprinkling cornmeal on the stone before cooking helps allow the pizza to slide off the stone easier when cooking is done. Chefs also love the easy clean up and effortless care of baking stones. Whether stones are used in a pizzeria or at home, they also come in handy for things like pretzels, bread sticks and perfectly crispy garlic bread.

How to Clean and Care for Your Baking Stone

The nice thing about using stones for baking is that they are incredibly easy to clean and care for. Simply wash with plain water. Soap and scrubbing are not necessary. Then, let the stone air dry for best results. Once again, Pizzacraft offers stones made from Cordierite which has natural non-stick properties. This lets you use the stone easily from the day you buy it. No seasoning, conditioning or sealing is necessary before using these stones.

Their easy cleaning and easy care properties are some of the biggest attractions to using natural stone for baking. Chefs also love the uniformity of baking and the porous property of natural stone to help them get the most exceptional baking results. Stones also come with a scraper that is safe to use on them, in case cheese drips and melts on the stone. Cheese simply scrapes off, and some chefs believe it gives the stone character for future use.

Where to Buy

Pizzacraft baking supplies and stones can be found through the company website, on Amazon, through retailers like Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Home Depot and on eBay. Once home pizza bakers have discovered the exceptional baking qualities of natural stone, they never want to go back to baking a pizza any other way!

Company Background and Awards

The Pizzacraft company has been offering artisan pizza stones and pizza making supplies since 2011. They feature and extensive array of stones and supplies, helping home pizza makers and connoisseurs create works of art on stoves, in ovens and on outdoor grills. The company has received several awards from The Gourmet Retailer for offering a perfect pizza grilling stone and they also received an editor’s choice award in 2014.