Baking Stone Muffin Pan

What Is a Baking Stone Muffin Pan?

A baking stone muffin pan offers home chefs a fabulous way to create healthy, great tasting muffins and other convections. Similar to a pizza stone, a stoneware muffin pan is made from composite stone. The same process used to make the stones you know and love can be used to make this type of stoneware.

What Are They Made Of?

Several different types of baking stones exist, but all are a throwback to traditional cooking methods using a flat stone inside a brick oven. Most are a hybrid stone and non stick material compressed into the desired shape. Some even include diamond or sapphire particles.

Why Use a Baking Stone Muffin Pan?

There are many advantages to using stoneware in your cooking.

Stoneware absorbs high temperatures which allows the heat to distribute evenly across the pan. Your food is cooked more evenly on all sides with a light, crispy, golden outside, and soft or chewy center.

Because the stoneware absorbs heat and oil your food will have a beautiful golden crust, and the pan won’t retain oil or flavors. It’s easy to clean and reuse with your next recipe without cross contaminating the taste of your foods.

Stoneware muffin pans are incredibly durable. They won’t scratch under metal utensils, and they can be safely used in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, conventional electric or gas ovens, and convection ovens. Because they won’t scratch, you can rely on their tough non-stick surface to stick around better than teflon and other non-stick coatings.

Like cast iron, each time you use your stoneware muffin pan you’ll season it, making it better for it’s next use! It’s normal for stoneware to become darker in color over time. This is how you know it’s seasoning properly.

One of the best advantages for using this type of cookware is that it requires less oil to get the same result, making your recipes healthier!

What Else Can I Make with Stoneware Muffin Pans?

Stoneware muffin pans are great for cooking muffins, cupcakes, individual dinner rolls, or even mini quiches. Because of the superior quality of stoneware cooking your cupcakes and other recipes will look magazine perfect: light, fluffy inside, with a golden outside that stand up perfectly on their own.

Where Can I Find Stoneware Muffin Pans?

Stoneware muffin pans are mostly available online at sites like Amazon. They are also sold in a few brick and mortar cooking stores.