Bake With a Rectangular Pizza Stone

For those who like to make homemade sheet-style pizza, a rectangular pizza stone is an essential kitchen tool. In addition to pizza, a baking stone is also great for cooking breads, pastries, cookies, roasted vegetables and many types of frozen foods. So put on your apron and chef’s hat and get ready to add a little extra crispness to some of your favorite recipes.

Benefits of Cooking with a Pizza Stone

One of the main benefits of a rectangular pizza stone is that it’s similar to a brick hearth oven. Unlike a hearth oven, a baking stone is inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of kitchen space. This efficient cooking tool works by directly absorbing heat from the oven, making it easy to prepare delicious meals that are evenly cooked. When baking square or rectangular-shaped pizzas, the stone’s porous surface works by extracting moisture from the crust. The end result is a crispy, crunchy pizza that tastes great.

If you savor the taste of a brick-oven pizza but don’t have time to make your own, a cooking stone allows you to transform a frozen pizza into a quick meal your family will love. With a rectangular pizza stone, you no longer have to worry about eating pizza that has a soggy center or an unevenly cooked crust.

Holiday baking can sometimes be an all-day event. By using a pizza stone to bake your cookies or pies, you can speed up the process by cooking bigger batches. Why bother with a traditional cookie sheet, when you can simplify the task with a baking stone? Besides the ability to prepare larger batches, a cooking stone usually doesn’t require the use of nonstick sprays or oils. For convenience, many stones include a chrome rack ideal for cooling foods or serving meals directly at the table.

Brands to Consider

The following list contains some of the most popular pizza stones available. Before making a purchase, you’ll want to consider the materials used, durability and recommended cleaning method. Though most cooking stones have an unglazed surface, those that are glazed can be a little easier to clean.

  • Old Stone Oven
  • California Pizza Stone
  • Heritage
  • Dough-Joe
  • Pizzacraft
  • Pampered Chef
  • Emile Henry

Tips for Cleaning and Handling a Cooking Stone

Though most baking stones need to be hand washed, it’s best to not let them soak in water for an extended amount of time. Instead, let the stone cool before using a plastic spatula or brush to scrap away excess residue. Because the stone is porous, avoid the temptation to use any type of soap, or your next meal might taste like you seasoned it with dishwashing liquid. Since most rectangular pizza stones do not contain a glaze, it’s normal for them to acquire stains over time.

When transporting your pizza stone to the oven or table, you’ll need a good pair of silicone grilling gloves. You can find gloves that protect your hands from extremely hot temperatures and are water resistant too. Most gloves have a sturdy-grip surface that prevents messy spills or burns caused by a hot pizza stone.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a novice baker, a rectangular pizza stone helps you create better tasting meals that are thoroughly heated. For your next homemade pizza masterpiece, why not experience the unrivaled taste of hearth-oven cooking by using a quality baking stone?