Advantages of Baking Pizza On a Stone

Pizza is the universal, trusty, tried-and-true meal. And as many types of pizza there are, there are quite a few methods of baking pizza, too. Perhaps you’re more familiar with the common baking-pan method, which is convenient but sometimes causes uneven cooking and soggy results. The addition of a baking stone into your kitchen repertoire will improve the quality of your pizzas and give you that crispy, evenly-cooked pie that you’ve been looking for. Here are a few advantages of using a stone to bake your pizza.

Give Your Pizza a More Even Cook

Baking stones work much like baking sheets do: they absorb heat, which is then transferred to the food you’re cooking. However, there’s a major difference between stones and sheets when it comes to this area. While baking sheets obtain a lot of heat from the oven, a stone reaches a lower overall temperature. This probably sounds like a bad thing, right? Actually, for the pizza maker, this is a huge benefit. Baking pizza at a slightly lower temperature means that there is less likely a chance that the pizza will burn, ruining your meal. Additionally, heat is transferred evenly through a stone, so you don’t have to worry about the crust getting cooked while leaving the middle of the pizza unfinished.

Enjoy Crispier and Healthier Pizza

Another difference between baking sheets and stones is that a stone is able to absorb moisture, something that metal is unable to do. It may seem strange that this is a benefit, but think about it: if a stone takes away some of the moisture from a pizza, what are you left with? A less mushy, more palatable pizza. You and whomever you’re baking pizza for will be able to focus better on the taste of the actual pizza and enjoy the improved texture of a well-prepared dish. Of course, there are more benefits of a less greasy pizza than just taste and texture. A less greasy pizza also means a healthier meal and a meal you can eat without feeling guilty.

Save Money on a Pizza of Your Own Choice

It’s no secret that cooking for yourself or your family is much less expensive than eating out. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to get the quality of a restaurant-made meal made in your own kitchen. And if you’re looking for oven-baked pizza, good luck finding a restaurant that will cater to your wants at a price that won’t leave your wallet hurting a little. Using a stone means that you can create your own quality meals to your own liking at a fraction of the cost you would find elsewhere. And if you want to throw sardines and pineapple on there, you’re more than welcome to!

Baking pizza isn’t rocket science but there is a subtle art to it, and a baking stone can be an essential tool for the artist. Stones allow for tasty, healthy, and quality pizzas at a lower cost than you could find elsewhere. A stone can also be used for countless other meals, so buying one is a solid investment for your kitchen.